Training materials

the Record – Recording Skills Training Manual.

O’Rourke, Russell House Publishing, 4 St George’s House, The Business Park,
Uplyme Road, Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3LS. Tel 01297 443 948. £39.95 plus £1.50

manual aims to stimulate awareness of the importance of recording and to help
people learn the principles of effective recording. It is illustrated with case
studies relevant to care workers. There is also material that can help social
workers review and improve their practice. The material can also be used by
managers and trainers.

A New Approach to Behaviour, Citizenship and Responsibility

PLUS, Hill of Heddle, Finstown, Orkney, KW17 2LH. Tel 01856 761 334. £39.95
plus p&p.

is an on-screen board game aimed at young people with social, emotional and
behavioural problems. Players gain points by choosing the right option in
problem situations and in the process learn how to cope with their own
dilemmas. This resource offers teachers, social workers, parents and young
people a way of thinking about problem issues and behaviour that is
interactive, fun and effective.

and Leadership Skills: A Training Resource Pack

Gilbert and Neil Thompson, Learning Curve Publishing, PO Box 2060, Wrexham,
LL13 0ZG. Tel 01978 781 173. £195 (£145 to statutory and voluntary

success depends on people. Supervision at the individual level and leadership
at the team and organisational level are both essential parts of making the
most of the organisation’s most important resource – its people. This pack
helps to promote good practice in both supervision and leadership. It includes
background information, details of training exercises, and overhead acetates.

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