NSPCC television advertisement comes under fire from viewers

The NSPCC has defended its current advertising
campaign despite at least 129 complaints about it having been
received by the Independent Television Commission.

The ITC said that it had received a variety of
complaints about the advert, which can only be shown after the 9pm
watershed. Some were from adults who were abused as children who
said that it brought back memories. Others found it violent or
disliked the canned laughter.

The ITC will now raise the issue with the
advertising agency concerned and publish its findings in a
complaint report.

The NSPCC said it was sorry that the ITC had
received complaints from viewers, but said the campaign showed the
seriousness of the issue and made people want to take action if
they had concerns about a child.

“Sadly, cruelty to children does go on, often
behind closed doors, and it is vitally important that we work with
the public to explain what action all of us can take in tackling
the issue,” the charity said in a statement.

Throughout the development of the campaign,
extensive research was conducted with a large cross-section of the
community, and police, health visitors and social workers were
consulted, said the NSPCC.

Calls from the public to its 24-hour Child
Protection Helpline have risen from 250 a day to 500.

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