Born out
of a service to provide students and others with statistics, the
web site of One Parent Families Scotland has grown into a
five-year-old that it should be very proud of, writes Graham
Hopkins. It’s well behaved, if not too trendy image-wise – but
perhaps that’s to be expected when the parent is knocking 60.
There’s not so much a wealth of relevant information here as a
veritable trust-fund. Everything from lists of children’s books
that deal with one parent families, death, divorce, separation and
so on, to factual advice about how to deal with splitting up.


This “by
us, for us” colourful site has been designed by young people in the
London boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. Put together by
excluded young people and those with special needs, young carers
and young offenders, it deals with all that embarrassing sex stuff
– masturbation (“harmless”), puberty (“can feel a little strange”),
and safe sex (“only go as far as you are comfortable to go”). But
when all that gets too much, there’s cool advice on how to build
your own website. A good healthy site.


perhaps best known for dealing with complaints about doctors, the
General Medical Council is not in the business of protecting
doctors. No, others do that – the GMC’s job is to protect patients.
This site, while resembling a GP practice that has tried hard to
make things less clinical but not quite stretched the whole nine
yards, provides miles of really useful information. Particularly
good is the “standards of practice” section including

correct web address for The Patients Forum is www.thepatientsforum.org.uk
not the address printed in Website Reviews in the issue of 28

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