Deaf couple choose to have deaf child

National Deaf Children’s Society has supported the decision by an American
lesbian couple to deliberately have a second deaf child.

The organisation was responding to reports
that a Maryland-based couple, who are both deaf, chose to have a deaf son
through using a deaf sperm donor. The couple also have a deaf five-year-old
daughter through the same donor.

A NDCS spokesperson said: "We have
always believed that, as long as a deaf child’s educational and social needs
are met and positive attitudes are fostered, the challenge of deafness can be a
rewarding one for deaf children and their families."

She added that given the couple’s background
and their existing deaf child, it was highly likely that the baby will receive
the highest level of support and will lead a fulfilled and rewarding life.

But a spokesperson for the Royal National
Institute for the Deaf said that while it believed people should make informed
choices the organisation did have reservations.

She said: "We would not encourage a
couple to deliberately choose to have a deaf baby if having a hearing child was
an option."

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