Director says funding will be simplified

of the neighbourhood renewal unit, Joe Montgomery, promised
conference delegates that he will simplify funding but warned that
it could not be done “with the wave of a wand in Whitehall”.

than 500 delegates applauded as Montgomery was asked to explain how
any such simplification could happen in practice. He said he
sympathised with problems over gaining access to money, and added:
“If people have suggestions about the way that grant regimes could
be made simpler, I will give them serious consideration.”

Montgomery also said that a website would be set up later in the
year, featuring details of projects across the country as a way of
disseminating examples of best practice.

than 12 per cent of new projects were currently drawing on the
knowledge gained from previous developments, he said.

can’t be right. People don’t want to squander money, so we have to
be able to let them see what has worked elsewhere.”

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