Regulating Early Years Services

By Peter Baldock.
David Fulton Publishers
ISBN 1 85346 743 X

This book sets out the context in which the
recent changes to the regulation and inspection of early years
services have been implemented. Although the new child-care
inspectors will be familiar with much of the information provided
in the book, it will provide a useful refresher and enable them to
set their tasks within their changed world.

Baldock relates the early history of the
regulation of children’s services and the most recent
administrative system established within Ofsted’s Early Years
Directorate. He describes how different aspects of regulation might
operate – looking at the key ingredients of child care: education,
care and play, regulation and development and specific aspects of a
quality service.

The author’s view is that the key to
successful regulation is to ensure that a dynamic and aspirational
approach to early years services is adopted. Regulation should be
seen as key to improving standards, and the inspection and
assessment process should be a helpful and supportive one, wherever

A checklist is provided for child care
inspectors about how they can best discharge their role.

Above all, it is the quality of children’s
experience that should be at the heart of, and govern the approach
to, regulation.

Amy Weir is head of children and
families services, London Borough of Harrow.



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