Children must be interviewed, report into boy`s death urges

An independent investigation into the death of a six-year-old
boy has called for Bedfordshire council to ensure domestic violence
reports made by a child are followed up with interviews with the
child, writes Derren Hayes.

It is one of 10 recommendations made by Ron Lock, chairperson of
the Bedfordshire and Luton area child protection committee (ACPC)
serious case review group, and author of the report into the
killing of Jason Hill by his father last August.

Jason’s father Peter Hill, of Shotstown, Bedfordshire, was
detained indefinitely under the mental Health Act after admitting
manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

The Part 8 case review said Jason’s death highlighted the
need to improve inter-agency communications, and the requirement to
ensure that risk assessments should be

Jason was seen twice by the duty social worker with his father
present, but on both occasions his father was in control of the
situation, and didn’t allow the professionals to have any
meaningful contact with Jason, the report said.

‘These contacts, apart from seeing that Child C (Jason)
appeared physically well, fell far short of any attempt to engage
Child C in the process of assessment and to ascertain his wishes
and feelings,’ it adds. As a result professional
interventions became more adult, rather than child focused as it
was felt Jason’s father’s mental health could suffer if
he was removed from his care.

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