Unison to fight on over London pay

Public sector union Unison has vowed to
continue its fight for a £4,000 London weighing despite the
rejection of the claim by local government employers.

local government members have already taken part in three days of
industrial action over London weighting, which currently is
£1,407 in outer London and £2,674 in inner

“Public sector workers such as
teachers, nurses, fire brigade staff and police have received
increases in London weighting while local government staff have
been left out in the cold,” said Julia Coleman, Unison’s head of
local government for the London region.

the chairperson of the Association of London Government continues
to maintain that London councils do not have the money for the

Robin Wales said that the ALG and the Audit Commission are
currently conducting research on London pay and that when they have
the findings they will discuss the implications with the

the national pay negotiations are resolved councils will be in a
position to consider how to tackle London’s staffing issues.
However, we don’t believe that a £4,000 London weighting
payment for all employees would solve these issues,” he

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