Offenders could be asked to sign `going straight` contract

A raft of measures aimed at tackling high rates of re offending
by ex prisoners, has been published by the social exclusion unit,
writes Clare Jerrom.

A new report shows that prison sentences are not succeeding in
turning all offenders away from crime.

Under the proposals, offenders would be asked to sign a contract
at the beginning of their sentence, which would set out what was
expected of them in prison and the community. The ‘going
straight contract’ would initially be piloted on young
offenders aged 18 to 20, and extended to other groups, if

The contract would include a full time package of rehabilitative
programmes and support, based on an assessment of the factors that
lead to the re-offending, and therefore tailored to the individual

The programme, which should include rewards for participation
and sanctions for non-participation, should be drawn up and
overseen by a case manager.

Full report available by
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Summary available by
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