One in five companies values disabled employees

Reports from top UK and global companies suggest that just one
fifth consider disabled people to be valued employees, customers
and members of the community according to research from the
Employers’ Forum on Disability, writes Katie

The Employers’ Forum on Disability Global Inclusion Benchmark is
an annual exercise to audit companies’ policies towards people with
disabilities. Fifty corporate responsibility reports from UK and
global companies were analysed.

Only a tenth of 50 companies surveyed included any mention of
disability as part of their corporate responsibility strategy.

And just 12 per cent make a public commitment to employees who
become disabled.

“For far too many companies disability is simply not on their
radar screen. This puts them at serious legal, financial,
reputational and competitive risk,” said Susan Scott-Parker, chief
executive of the Employers’ Forum on Disability.

BT, The Co-operative Bank, and B&Q came out as the top three
companies for addressing disability issues.

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