Tackling Social Exclusion

By John Pierson
Routledge/Community Care
ISBN 0 415 256683 6

What does social exclusion actually mean? Can
it be used to describe the process of treating someone as socially
undesirable, of stigmatisation, of withdrawal from society, or does
it relate more specifically to long-term structural unemployment.
This is a term that is being overused by government and
professionals to describe a multitude of social problems, so this
book is helpful and timely.

It is aimed at practitioners and draws on
policy, practice and research to present a holistic approach to
tackling social exclusion and promoting social inclusion. Pierson
starts by examining differing definitions and interpretations of
social exclusion. He looks at perspectives and approaches to
tackling social exclusion, gives “building blocks” for action and
discusses some of the ways of using these tools in social work

Each chapter begins with clear objectives,
looks at research and policy in that particular area, and using
case studies, practical activities and examples of successful
initiatives shows how practitioners can attempt to practise within
this emerging set of ideas. Pierson emphasises throughout the
importance of the participation of all parties involved.

This book is a welcome addition to the field
of social care and should appeal to social workers.

Bob Sapey is lecturer in applied
social science, Lancaster University.

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