Charity attacks sentence limits for ‘pseudo pornography’

New advice that would limit the maximum sentence for offences
involving ‘pseudo child pornography’ to six
months’ imprisonment have been described as “totally
misguided” by Barnardo’s, writes Derren

Tink Palmer, Barnardo’s principal policy officer, said the
advice from independent public body the Sentencing Advisory Panel,
left judges with too much discretion and in need of clearer
guidance on “matching the sentence to the nature of the

The panel’s advice, which could be adopted by the court of
appeal, recommends sentences for a range of child pornography

It believes convictions for possession of pseudo-pornography
– images that are computer generated or manipulated but are
not technically photographs – should be at the lowest level
of seriousness and carry a maximum of six months in prison or a
fine because they do not involve the actual abuse or exploitation
of children.

However, Palmer said it is irrelevant whether an image depicts
real abuse or is computer generated.

“Viewing child pornography can desensitise adults and lead them
towards further abuse of children. Abusers also use such imagery to
lure children into abusive relationships,” she added.

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