Discrimination pay-outs see big rise

Compensation awards for disability discrimination increased by 85
per cent last year, an analysis of employment tribunal decisions
shows. The average award for disability discrimination was
£24,202, compared with £9,743 for race and £9,035
for sex. The higher awards were made in disability discrimination
cases where the employer had failed to make reasonable

Kate Godwin, acting editor of Equal Opportunities Review,
said: “Tribunals are taking a rather more sophisticated view when
considering awards and are recognising that a person who has a
disability is less likely to get another job.”

The highest award in 2001 was in a discrimination case against
Sunderland Council. An accountant won £278,801 after being
forced to resign after repeated turning from her desk to her
computer screen aggravated a back condition. The bulk of the award
– £195,923 – was for future loss.

The research was based on the 329 discrimination cases where
compensation was awarded during 2001. Most discrimination claims
are settled before a tribunal hearing.

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