Tracking device implant criticised

Children’s charities have strongly criticised the decision by
parents of an 11-year-old girl to implant a microchip in her arm so
her whereabouts can be tracked.

Tink Palmer, principal policy and practice officer at Barnardo’s,
said that she had “grave reservations” about the procedure, which
she described as ill-considered.

“We need to think about the ethical issues and the psychological
impact on the young person,” she said. “Surely, we should be trying
to teach children about being sensible and safe.” She added that
paedophiles might trace the child, by tapping into the signals
emitted by the microchip.

Meanwhile, the Children’s Society stressed that the procedure
“avoids the real issue” of how to ensure children are brought up in
a safe environment.

Danielle Duval is due to be implanted with the microchip at Reading
University in the next few weeks at a cost of around £20.

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