Wales presses on with new standards

Welsh assembly minister for health and social services Jane Hutt
has confirmed that she does not intend to follow England’s lead and
amend the new care standards for homes in Wales.

Hutt said that, following consultation, there had been agreement
with care sector providers, local authorities and user
representatives on the physical standards to apply to care homes
for older people.

She accepted that the standards should not place too great a burden
on providers or force good homes to close.

Hutt also promised “an approach tailored to Welsh needs” in respect
of small homes with three or fewer beds.

“Before 1 April these small homes were not subject to consistent
physical standards and providers may have more problems in meeting
the new requirements,” she said. “I will therefore invite views on
possible changes to physical and administrative requirements for
these small homes to see if any relaxations can be sensibly

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