Barnardo’s wants prostitution laws

Barnardo’s has called for additional legislation to protect
children who are abused through prostitution.

Under the Barnardo’s recommendations it would be a specific offence
to buy the sexual services of a child, or to recruit, induce or
compel a child into commercial sexual exploitation.

It would also be an offence to participate in, receive money from,
facilitate, or allow the sexual exploitation of a child.

The charity wants the new offences to be gender neutral and to
apply to all those aged under 18.

A review of sexual offences legislation was announced by the
government in January 1999 and a consultation was launched in July

At present, the commercial sexual exploitation of children is only
covered under laws on adult prostitution and varies according to

The charity launched its Stolen Childhood campaign this
week with a new report detailing victims’ experiences and a series
of hard-hitting advertisements that portray how sexual abuse
destroys childhoods.

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