Directors moot single body for all child care

In a discussion paper on the future of UK child care services, the
Association of Directors of Social Services has floated the idea of
a strategic organisation responsible for commissioning all child
care services, for example education, social services and youth

Such an organisation would build on the government’s recommendation
of establishing children and young people’s strategic partnerships
as part of local strategic partnerships.

The ADSS paper, called Tomorrow’s Children, also suggests
extending the joint funding flexibilities under the Health Act
1999. “If we are to commission services jointly in a much bigger
way, it is crucial that partnerships between statutory agencies and
communities have access to funds to direct services where they are

Strong leadership will be required, it says, as communities and
families are involved much more in decisions about priorities,
strategies and the financing of service delivery systems.

– Report available from Anne Martin on 020 8741 8147,
£10 plus £1.25 p&p.

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