Couple convicted of killing baby

A man has been convicted of murdering his former
partner’s four-month-old baby. The child’s mother has been found
guilty of culpable homicide, writes Nicola

Sandy McClure and his ex-partner Andrea Bone both denied
murdering Carla-Nicole Bone at a remote cottage in Aberdeenshire in
May. The baby died from severe head injuries in an Aberdeen

The jury at the high court in Stonehaven heard that the baby
girl endured cruel and sustained abuse in the months leading up to
her death.

In a prepared statement, Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire councils
said they shared the public distress that Carla-Nicole’s life had
ended so tragically.

The local authorities said that although there were 289 children
on the child protection register, Carla-Nicole was not one of them.
The baby was seen regularly by health visitors and support was
offered at the time by social workers.

“All staff agreed that Carla Nicole’s parents required help,”
the statement said, “and this was provided.  The standard of care
was assessed by staff as not requiring formal protection

Aberdeen council claims to have received two allegations of
neglect about the baby, one anonymously in November 2001, and
another from the child’s grandmother, Elizabeth Berry in April
2002. These were followed up and the baby seen on both occasions.
No injuries were detected on examination.

Berry claims, however, she contacted social workers several
times and nothing was done.

The local authorities involved are now waiting to see whether a
fatal accident inquiry will be held.

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