‘Lead by example’ care institute told

The Social Care Institute for Excellence has been told by
service users that it should lead by example and ensure that users
and carers participate fully in its work.

This was among messages received by the institute during its
listening exercise earlier this year, the results of which have now
been published. 

Many users said that services were not designed around the needs
of users and carers, and that Scie should play a lead role in
changing this.

Respondents also told the institute that it should improve
communication in the social care sector, both face-to-face and
remotely. Ideas for doing so included practitioner networks, making
contacts available and providing databases of services.

It was agreed that Scie could provide access to a range of
resources for users, carers and practitioners.

Service users and social care practitioners agreed that Scie
should make knowledge of good practice and research available to
those in the field. Various methods for disseminating information
were suggested including e-mail, chat lines and conferences.
However, there were concerns that Scie was being asked to take on
too much.

Some professionals suggested that Scie should develop national
standards and undertake benchmarking and auditing. Others wanted
Scie to act as a lobby group and put pressure on the

The listening exercise took place between February and July this
year with the aim of finding out what people believed Scie’s
priorities should be. Service users and those involved in social
care were able to convey their views to Scie staff at regional
workshop days and via the Scie and Community Care

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