Children placed ‘inappropriately’ in adoption drive

A leading child care lawyer has raised fears that the
government’s drive to promote adoption is resulting in some
looked after children being placed with families inappropriately,
writes Derren Hayes.

Allan Levy QC told Community Care that the
government’s “enthusiasm” for adoption had encouraged
adoption agencies and social workers to “push certain children that
are not adoption material” – including older children and
those with medical problems – into placements.

Levy believes the consequences of this could be a rise in the
number of adoptions that break down – currently, one in five
placements of older children fail.

His comments follow last month’s landmark ruling in the
high court to award damages to a couple who claimed their life was
ruined by their adopted son.

Mr Justice Buckley found that Essex council was negligent in not
disclosing information about the five-year-old boy, who suffers
from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and who subjected
the couple to prolonged violence and abuse.

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