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Ministers now
consider Laming’s findings
Lord Laming has presented his report into Victoria
Climbie’s death to the government.
Jan 6, 2003
Climbie inquiry
Baptiste guilty of breaching summons
Former Haringey social worker Carole Baptiste was
this week found guilty of deliberately failing to give evidence at
the Victoria Climbie Inquiry and fined £500.
Aug 29, 2002
Baptiste fined for
inquiry breaches
Carole Baptiste has been convicted of deliberately
failing to attend the Victoria Climbie inquiry.
Aug 27, 2002
Social worker defends
failure to attend Climbie inquiry
The senior social worker who failed to attend the
Victoria Climbie inquiry told a court it was always her intention
to give evidence, reports David Brown.
Aug 15, 2002
Haringey joint review
was “overly positive”, Climbie inquiry told
The internal report into the 1999 joint review of
Haringey social services has concluded that it presented an “overly
positive” picture of the department because of the processes used
to collect
Jul 10, 2002 
Platt explains
failure to produce joint review document
Chief inspector of social services Denise Platt
failed to submit a document to the Victoria Climbie inquiry because
she was unaware of its relevance, writes Sally Gillen.
Jul 9, 2002
Climbie case social
worker denies charge of obstructing Laming inquiry
A former Haringey social worker who ignored a
summons requesting her presence at the Victoria Climbie inquiry
appeared in court last week charged with failure to attend.
Jun 20, 2002 
Haringey social
worker in court
The former Haringey social worker who is accused of
refusing to co-operate with the Victoria Climbie inquiry, appeared
before Camberwell magistrates on Wednesday.
Jun 12, 2002 
Climbie inquiry
report may be delayed
Lord Laming’s final report from the Victoria
Climbie inquiry could be delayed following the late submittal of a
“potentially important” document from the Social Services
Jun 11, 2002
Dispute over size of
inquiry’s budget
A spokesperson for the Victoria Climbie Inquiry has
denied claims that it is costing taxpayers £7 million.
May 16, 2002 
Health professionals
see child protection as task for social services
Health professionals do not see child protection as
their business and regard their role as helping social services,
the final Victoria Climbie inquiry seminar heard, writes Janet
Apr 29, 2002 
can’t do it alone
Child protection can only work if professionals
from every agency involved take far greater responsibility, argues
director of social services David Wright in his submission to the
Victoria Climbie inquiry.
Apr 25, 2002
The subtle lessons of
a tragic case
The Victoria Climbie inquiry should beware the
dangers of knee-jerk recommendations, says Elizabeth McAteer.
Apr 25, 2002
Call for national
standards body to monitor child protection services
A national standards-setting body to monitor the
performance of child protection services was proposed last week at
the fourth seminar of phase two of the Victoria Climbie
Apr 25, 2002 
Victoria Climbie
inquiry may re-open
The first phase of the Victoria Climbie inquiry may
be reopened following the inquiry team’s decision to call for
the original source material used to put together the 1999 joint
review of
Haringey social services department. Apr 24,
Experts debate merits
of national database for children at risk
The new national adoption register could be adapted
or copied to create a national database of children in need of
protection, phase two of the Victoria Climbie Inquiry heard.
Mar 18, 2002
Children`s services
are reactive not universal, Climbie inquiry told
Children’s services are reactive not universal,
child protection experts told the first seminar of phase two of the
Victoria Climbie inquiry, writes Lauren Revans.
Mar 15, 2002
Call inspectors to
I am surprised that Lord Laming did not call
evidence from the joint review team that inspected Haringey Council
during the period covered by the Victoria Climbie Inquiry.
Mar 7, 2002 
Voluntary sector
views ignored
The joint review team that inspected Haringey
social services in 1999 dismissed as relationship problems
voluntary and community sectors’ concerns, Voluntary Action
Haringey has claimed.
Mar 7, 2002 
analysis of how chaos
in local authority offices contributed to mishandling of Victoria
Climbie`s case
The inquiry has revealed chaotic, busy and
unsettling offices in Haringey, Ealing and Brent. But how much did
this affect the handling of Victoria’s case, asks Jonathan
Feb 21, 2002
analysis of the 12
missed opportunities in Victoria Climbie’s case
Neil Garnham QC highlighted 12 missed opportunities
to protect Victoria Climbie in his closing evidence to the Laming
inquiry this week.
Feb 21, 2002 
More evidence for
inquiry, says Laming
Chairperson of the Victoria Climbie inquiry Lord
Laming declared this week that the inquiry had “reached a
milestone” in the work it had been charged with.
Feb 21, 2002 
Professions need to
work together
Catherine Watkins hopes that the Laming inquiry
will give a balanced view on the involvement of all
Feb 21, 2002 
Police officer denies
delays led to Victoria Climbie`s death

The child protection police officer at the centre of the
Victoria Climbie inquiry was right not to order a second medical
examination of Victoria and a second set of photos following her
admittance to North Middlesex Hospital, her legal representative
told the inquiry, writes Lauren

Feb 20, 2002 
Victoria Climbie`s
parents consider legal action
The parents of Victoria Climbie are considering
legal action against individuals and agencies who were involved in
the eight-year-old’s care, their solicitor Imran Khan has
Feb 19, 2002 
Other agencies tried
to `shield behind` Arthurworrey
Lisa Arthurworrey’s solicitor said other agencies
tried to `shield behind her back` as the Victoria Climbie inquiry
investigated the mishandling of the eight-year-old’s case, writes
Lauren Revans.
Feb 19, 2002
Failures by doctors
led to Baptiste decision, Climbie inquiry told
Failures by doctors who treated Victoria Climbie to
pass on key information to social services led team manager Carole
Baptiste to send the eight-year-old home, writes Sally Gillen.
Feb 19, 2002
Brent blames staff
for failings in Victoria Climbie case
Underspending on children’s services in Brent did
not contribute specifically to the failures in the handling of
Victoria Climbie’s case, according to the council’s solicitor,
writes Sally Gillen.
Feb 18, 2002
Marsh defends NSPCC
record at Climbie inquiry
NSPCC chief executive Mary Marsh told the Victoria
Climbie inquiry the organisation had at no time attempted to alter
records or deceive the inquiry, and offered “profound apologies”
for the confusion that some of its documentation had caused.
Feb 18, 2002 
Victoria Climbie`s
parents accuse Haringey of deliberately withholding
Victoria Climbie’s parents have accused
Haringey council of “deliberately withholding documents and
hindering the inquiry”, following its late submission of yet
another batch of documents.
Feb 4, 2002 
Haringey produces
more documents for Climbie inquiry found in filing
Haringey council has submitted another batch of
documents to the Victoria Climbie inquiry despite a summons issued
last year requiring the authority’s director to produce all
relevant files.
Feb 1, 2002
Killer tells Victoria
Climbie inquiry social services should not be blamed
One of Victoria Climbie’s killers has told
the inquiry into her death that social services should not be
blamed for failing to act, writes Sally Gillen.
Jan 31, 2002 

NSPCC muddle
confuses inquiry

Children’s charity the NSPCC has defended its
record in the Victoria Climbie case following further allegations
that it interfered with its evidence to the inquiry.
Jan 31, 2002 
Confusion at Climbie
inquiry over NSPCC evidence
There was further confusion at the Victoria Climbie
inquiry last week when it was revealed that late submissions by the
NSPCC included two different “original“ versions of a photocopy
relating to Victoria’s case directing different courses of
Jan 28, 2002
Director rejects
Laming suggestion that councils should lose control of children`s
A suggestion by Lord Laming that if responsibility
for children’s services were taken away from local authorities,
those services might improve, was rejected by one of the
Jan 23, 2002
Children`s services
at Brent worse now than at time of Climbie case
A new inspection report has found that children’s
services at Brent council are worse now than at the time of
Victoria Climbie’s case, the Laming inquiry has been told.
Jan 22, 2002 
Climbie inquiry to
look at new child protection agency proposal
The Victoria Climbie inquiry is to consider whether
the setting up of a new child protection agency would help address
inconsistencies in the organisation and delivery of children’s
Jan 22, 2002
Team manager Baptiste
claims she held regular supervision sessions
The team manager criticised in evidence to the
Victoria Climbie Inquiry for her management style denied claims
earlier this week that she had only held one supervision session
with Victoria’s allocated social worker during a three-month
Jan 17, 2002 

Laming announces
details of phase two of Victoria Climbie inquiry
Lord Laming told the Victoria Climbie inquiry this
morning that phase two of the inquiry would be made up of two
parts, and that issues and questions to be addressed will be
published in a paper shortly.
Jan 15, 2002 
Woman charged after
attack on witness at Climbie inquiry
A woman accused of throwing black paint over a
senior police witness at the Victoria Climbie inquiry has been
charged with three offences, writes Clare Jerrom and Sally
Jan 11, 2002
Climbie inquiry
stopped by assault on police officer
The Victoria Climbie inquiry was interrupted after
a woman threw a black substance over a senior policeman giving
Jan 10, 2002 
Victoria killer tells
inquiry she is innocent and defends social worker
Convicted murderer Marie-Therese Kouao pleaded her
innocence and refused to answer questions about her personal life
at the Victoria Climbie inquiry, writes Lauren Revans.
Jan 8, 2002
Manager denies
tampering with Victoria Climbie`s case notes
The Tottenham child and family centre practice
manager who was allocated Victoria Climbie’s case, was forced to
deny accusations that she had tampered with evidence.
Dec 20, 2001
Laming orders NSPCC
to explain missing and doctored files
The NSPCC was ordered to produce a written
statement to the Victoria Climbie Inquiry explaining the absence
and alteration of key documents, writes Lauren Revans.
Dec 20, 2001
Director was unaware
of competency problem, inquiry told
Haringey council staff may have “colluded“ in
keeping senior management ignorant of competence issues, according
to the council’s former director of housing and social
Dec 20, 2001 
Haringey chief denies
responsibility for Victoria Climbie`s death
The chief executive of Haringey Council at the time
Victoria Climbie was killed has told the Laming inquiry that he did
not consider himself responsible for her death, writes Janet
Dec 19, 2001
Service was
inadequate, assistant director tells inquiry
Child protection cases were not adequately managed
in Haringey, the council’s assistant director of
children’s services told the Victoria Climbie Inquiry.
Dec 17, 2001 
Dates set for
Victoria`s killers to give evidence to inquiry
Marie-Therese Kouao, who was convicted of murdering
Victoria Climbie, is to give evidence to the inquiry investigating
the case on 8 January.
Dec 14, 2001 
Social worker `felt
scapegoated` inquiry told
Lisa Arthurworrey’s lawyer has accused
Haringey council of making her a scapegoat for failings in the
handling of Victoria Climbie’s case, writes Sally
Dec 14, 2001
New concerns over
Haringey office
The situation at Haringey Council’s north Tottenham
office is as bad, if not worse, than when Victoria Climbie died,
the public inquiry into the eight-year-old’s death was told last
Dec 13, 2001
Social work manager
pleads not guilty
The Haringey social work manager charged with
refusing or deliberately failing to attend the Victoria Climbie
Inquiry earlier this month pleaded not guilty to the charges.
Dec 12, 2001
Adviser regrets not
acting sooner in Climbie case
A child protection adviser involved in the Victoria
Climbie case said she regretted not responding more quickly to a
letter of concern from a paediatrician who had examined the
Dec 12, 2001

Laming attacks
Haringey`s `sorry saga`

Chairperson of the Victoria Climbie inquiry Lord
Laming has condemned Haringey council’s involvement as a “long, sad
and sorry saga of missed dates and missed timetables”.

Dec 11, 2001

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