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 news analysis of
report on future of children’s services

A new report calls for a major debate on the future
shape of children’s services and argues against a national child
protection agency. Janet Snell reports.

Aug 29, 2002 

Have your
Do you think there should be a national agency for
child protection services? The government is said to be considering
an agency in response to the Victoria Climbie inquiry.

Jul 30, 2002  

Radical changes in
the pipeline
Speculation is growing that the government will
announce the formation of a new child protection agency in response
to Lord Laming’s report on the Victoria Climbie Inquiry, due by the
end of the year.

Jul 25, 2002 

Under the
One of the most important lessons to emerge from
the Victoria Climbie Inquiry is that presumptions about culture and
ethnicity should play no part in child protection decisions, says
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

Jul 25, 2002 

New London-wide child
protection committee launched
Draft London-wide child protection guidelines
designed to reduce inconsistencies in practice across the capital
and to improve inter-agency working have been published,
writes Lauren Revans.

Jul 9, 2002 

Minister should lead
child protection board
The government has been urged to set up a national
child protection board to co-ordinate policies.

May 30, 2002  

Time to
In the first of a series focusing on child
protection in the light of the Victoria Climbie Inquiry, Ruth
Winchester looks at factors that limit the effectiveness of area
child protection committees.

May 9, 2002 

Child protection
needs overhaul
Seventy-one per cent of visitors to Community
‘s website believe a new child protection agency should be
established to oversee the child protection system, in light of the
evidence from the Victoria Climbie Inquiry.

Feb 28, 2002 

List-based approach
is not enough
In the second of our series on the future of child
protection, David Thorpe says the Victoria Climbie inquiry may
prove to be the catalyst that sees child protection orthodoxy
supplanted by new methods of work.

Feb 28, 2002 

Climbie inquiry to
look at new child protection agency proposal
The Victoria Climbie inquiry is to consider whether
the setting up of a new child protection agency would help address
inconsistencies in the organisation and delivery of children’s
services, by Janet Snell and Lauren

Jan 22, 2002 

Director rejects
Laming suggestion that councils should lose control of children`s
A suggestion by Lord Laming that if responsibility
for children’s services were taken away from local authorities,
those services might improve, was rejected by one of the witnesses
at the Victoria Climbie inquiry, writes Janet
Jan 23, 2002 

The division
There is no question that child protection services
in some parts of the country are a shambles.

Feb 15, 2001 

must all be vigilant
Child protection needs to become the duty of all of
us, not just social workers. And we should not be afraid to bruise
adults’ egos if it saves a child from abuse, writes Peter

Feb 15, 2001 

Need for national
Children’s charity the NSPCC said only a national
strategy on child abuse deaths will help ensure the Anna Climbie
tragedy becomes the last of its kind.
Jan 18, 2001

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