‘Couple were not too fat – just unhealthy’

Glasgow Council has denied claims that it refused to let a couple
adopt because they were overweight.

Margaret Kyme, who is 22 stone, claims the council turned down her
application to adopt “because she was too fat”.

Kyme and her partner, Bill O’Neill, both in their forties,
previously applied to adopt when they lived in Lancashire in
England. Their application was in its final stage when they moved
to Scotland last year where, after a medical, they were told they
were not suitable.

A spokesperson for Glasgow Council confirmed that the adoption
panel, which is made up of health care professionals as well as
elected councillors, had recommended the couple’s application
should not be accepted for medical reasons. Questioned on the
criteria, the spokesperson said smoking was not usually an issue
but had been in this case.

“Of course the medical problems caused by obesity are always an
issue. In this case it was a combination of health problems which
stood against the couple. Nobody at any stage told them they were
too fat to adopt. They have been told they are not suitable and
that is all.”

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