The RHP Companion to Leaving Care

Edited by Ann Wheal.
Russell House Publishing
ISBN 1 90385 511 X

Research shows that transitions to adult life are becoming
increasingly complex for young people. Fewer job opportunities
exist for early school leavers and there is a growing gap between
those with educational qualifications and those without. 

Young people now experience more psychosocial problems than in
the past, and unemployment and poor qualifications seem to be risk
factors increasing the likelihood of depression. All of this is of
particular relevance for care leavers, who are disadvantaged across
most areas. 

However, the scene is changing with the Children (Leaving Care)
Act 2000 and the emergence of specialist teams. This book,
therefore, is welcome and contains much useful information and many
fresh ideas. The 21 chapters include the current context and
legislation, a research overview, some international comparisons,
young people’s involvement, accommodation issues, asylum seekers
and refugees, health and mental health, education, finance,
Connexions and many others. 

Any edited book contains a mixture and readers will have
different preferences. But this one is good value and there is
enough to satisfy most people with an interest in care

David Berridge is professor of child and family welfare,
University of Luton.

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