Checks could reduce ex-offenders’ hopes

The introduction of basic criminal records checks could result in a
significant rise in the number of ex-offenders excluded from
employment, rehabilitation agency Nacro has warned.

The checks, which have been deferred indefinitely by the government
until the Criminal Records Bureau can cope with the additional
workload, would lead to a massive increase in the number of
employers asking about criminal records and heightened
discrimination against ex-offenders.

“This is not only a loss for the applicant, who may have all the
relevant skills and experience for a particular job, but also for
the employer, who could be compromising the quality of their
workforce by excluding a competent potential employee,” said Alan
Buckle, chairperson of Nacro’s Going Straight to Work Employers

Nacro’s latest report suggests employers are willing to hire former
offenders. But they are reluctant to do so openly or to develop
policies around such practice because of possible public and press

– Report from 020 7840 6427

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