Stepmother on trial for girl’s murder

The trial began this week of a woman accused of murdering her
four-year-old step stepdaughter who was brought to the UK from
Jamaica by her father for a “better life”.

Christine Green is accused of physically abusing Annastacia
Williams for the nine months she lived in the UK and killing her
last September by slamming her head into a hard object.

A jury at the Old Bailey heard that doctors had failed to follow up
concerns about child abuse because they thought they had
insufficient evidence, despite the fact Annastacia was covered in
scars when she was admitted to hospital.

Marks including a human bite and an injury caused by a stab from a
fork covered Annastacia’s body.

She was taken to hospital by paramedics, who were called to the
home in Holloway, north London, where Annastacia lived with Green
and her father Ken Williams, who is also on trial for child cruelty

Her body was later exhumed after police suspicions were aroused by
X-rays that revealed brain injuries.

She had never come to the attention of social services, despite
being homeless for a time and having had no regular schooling.

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