Carers of people with autism lack support

Over half of carers for people with autism and aspergers
syndrome found getting support from social services difficult, and
a further 40 per cent were dissatisfied with the support they
received, according to a new report, writes Amy

The research, published by the National Autistic Society, found
that many carers could not find a social worker who understood
their needs.

Steve Broach, co-author of the report, said: “An urgent priority
is autism awareness training and job-specific training in autism
for all professionals working with this group.”

The report argued that at present people with autism and
aspergers syndrome do not match the eligibility criteria used to
measure support needs of people with disabilities and their
families, and subsequently miss out on their rights and

It goes on to find that this situation is made worse by over a
third of carers not understanding the benefits system, and said
that many of those who do receive support felt they had had to
fight for it.

‘Autism: Rights in Reality, How people with autism spectrum
disorders and their families are still missing out on their rights’

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