Fewer places in maintained nurseries

The number of three and four year olds with places in maintained
nursery classes and schools has fallen  by 5 per cent over the last
three years, according to government statistics.

Figures from the Department for Education and Skills show that
although the number of three and four year olds receiving early
education has risen from 93 to 100 per cent of the age group, the
increase in places has been entirely in the private and voluntary
sector, and in independent schools.

The number of children aged three and four in maintained nursery
schools and classes fell from 1,076,300 in 2000 to 1,022,100 this

Fifty seven per cent of three year olds were with private or
voluntary sector providers this year compared to 44 per cent in
2000, though there was a massive increase in the number of places
in these sectors funded by government, from 6 per cent to 47 per
cent. The number of three and four year olds in infant classes has
also risen.

Provision for children under five years of age in England
January 2003 (Provisional) National Statistics and Department for
Education and Skills


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