Wednesday 11 June 2003

By Amy Taylor, Clare Jerrom and Alex

Huntley back in jail after recovering from drug

Ian Huntley, who is accused of murdering Jessica Chapman and Holly
Wells, was discharged from hospital and sent back to prison
yesterday after receiving treatment for a drug overdose.
Huntley spent 36 hours at the hospital being treated for an
overdose after secretly storing up drugs in his cell.
He was too week to walk to the prison van and transported by
wheelchair, but he has not suffered any damage to his internal
Source:- The Times Wednesday 11 June page 9
Domestic violence can hold down a child’s IQ
Children in families where domestic violence occurs have
significantly lower IQ than those who live in peaceful homes,
according to new scientific research.
Five-year-old children whose mothers are victims of violence from
their partners have an average IQ score eight points lower than
usual researchers at King’s College London and Boston University
have warned.
Source:- The Times Wednesday 11 June page 11
Schools face threat of exam targets by race
Schools could be set separate targets for improving the
exam performance of children from ethnic minorities.
The targets would be for black and Asian children, which according
to the latest research obtain far below average GCSE results.
Speaking at a conference to promote race equality at school, junior
education minister Stephen Twigg said the government was prepared
to use targets if current policies to tackle under achievement by
black and Asian pupils were unsuccessful. 
Source:- Daily Mail  Wednesday 11 June page 17
Migration into the UK ‘more than doubled in 20

The number of people migrating to Britain is set to rise and has
more than doubled in the past 20 years, according to a report by
the National Institute of Economic and Social Research.
Immigrants were found to be attracted to Britain by networks of
friends and families already in the country, and the thought that
they could earn high incomes the research found.
Source:- Daily Mail Wednesday 11 June page 20
Why tragic pensioner’s social worker missed her GP’s

A social worker responsible for the move of  a pensioner from her
care home left a meeting early and did not hear a GPs’ warning that
the move could cut the woman’s life short.
Although social services received a copy of  a letter containing
the warning the next day Violet Townsend, aged 88, was still moved
and died five days later.
The public inquiry heard how the Gloucestershire council social
worker might have left the meeting because her flexitime working
day had ended.
Townsend’s sister said the social worker told her that she had to
pick her children up from school.
Source:- Daily Mail Wednesday 11 June page 39
Battered women may get right to anonymity in court
Women who are battered by their partners may gain the same
right to remain anonymous as rape and victims of sexual abuse in
proposals to increase convictions for domestic violence to be
published this month.
The move is designed to encourage victims to go to court.
Source:- The Independent Wednesday 11 June page 2
Health department pays price for Victoria Climbie

The government is set to propose moving children’s services from
the department of health to the department for education and skills
in a green paper published next month.
The move is thought to have been triggered by the death of Victoria
Climbie with the government set to acknowledge that poor
co-ordination of child protection services contributed to her death
in the document.
The prime minister also plans to appoint a children’s minister at
cabinet rank to co-ordinate services for children at risk. Paul
Boateng, the chief secretary to the treasury, is thought to be
first in line for the job.
Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 11 June page 6
Guardian Society
Crackdown on charity fundraising
The voluntary sector is set to develop plans for a new
body to regulate charity fundraising.
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 June page 4
Angry CHC staff ready to quit early
Despite a government decision to postpone abolition of
community health councils (CHCs) in England by three months until 1
December they still appear to be heading for gradual
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 June page 4
Government powers plan ‘shameful’
The government should ‘hang its head in shame’ over new plans to
increase powers of compulsory detention of people with mental
health problems psychiatrists have said.
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 June page 4
Walk on the wild side
Each year, hundreds of corporate workers travel to the Highlands
for a 54-mile trek over 24 hours to raise money for small Scottish
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 June page 5
The Irish ‘si’
There are some 1,500 Italians living in Northern Ireland. Laura
Haydon finds out what attracted them there – and why they have
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 June page 6
The gap  years
The government is about to overhaul children’s services. It could
learn from an initiative in Essex to integrate social services and
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 June page 10
Matters of life and death
Profile Audrey Jenkinson, unravelling post-carer
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 June page 11
Safety net
Patrick Weir reports on early signs of success for ‘clinics’ that
aim to prevent young people sinking into a life of crime
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 June page 12
No sooner have primary care trusts got the financial
security they longed for than they face another NHS

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 June page 13
Young at heart
Huge task ahead for the early years inspector of standards
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 June page 135
Dear diary
Eighty-five-year-old goes undercover to monitor what life is like
inside a typical care home
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 June page 136
Scottish newspapers
50,000 Scottish kids as young as 12 regularly drink alcohol
Pubs and off-licences are selling alcohol to underage
children, it emerged yesterday.
Around 50,000 youngsters aged between 12 and 15 in Scotland drink
regularly, it is estimated. Yet since 1999 there have only been
around 90 convictions a year for selling drink to under-age
SNP leader John Swinney said figures his party had obtained from
the Scottish executive showed that existing laws were not being
Source:- Daily Record  Wednesday 11 June page 13
Victim in serious condition after suspected city gangland

A 24-year-old man was in a serious condition in hospital in Glasgow
yesterday and a 16-year-old boy was also detained for observation
with gunshot wounds after a suspected gang-related shooting.
The man underwent emergency surgery and doctors said his condition
was serious following the shootings, which occurred during a
disturbance in the Bridgeton area of the city on Monday
Source:- The Scotsman  Wednesday 11 June
Payback time for nursery nurses
Feature looking at why around 5,000 nursery nurses in Scotland are
taking industrial action over their pay and conditions.
Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 11 June
Welsh newspapers
Forest schools to help youngsters branch out

Woodland schools are being set up to encourage young people in
Wales to appreciate the value of forestry instead of damaging it or
using it as a dumping ground.
One of the first ‘forest schools’ is to open in
Blaenavon in the south Wales valleys, an area that was ravaged by
grass and forest fires during Easter.
Blaenavon Young Peoples Club plans to turn a semi-natural beech and
oak woodland on the edge of the town into an educational resource
that will encourage team building and basic outdoor skills.
Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 11 June page 5
Voucher scheme to aid carers
Carers in parts of Wales will be given vouchers to pay for
essential services as part of a new pilot scheme to be announced
The vouchers are intended to be an alternative to the direct
provision of services currently operating in Wales.
If the pilot scheme is successful it will go Wales-wide next
Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 11 June page 7

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