Friday 20 June 2003

By Amy Taylor, Sally Gillen and Alex Dobson.
EU snubs UK plan for asylum curbs

The prime minister has failed to gain explicit support from other
EU member states for his plans to operate “regional protection
zones” for asylum seekers attempting to come to Britain in order to
flee conflict.
Asylum seekers would have their asylum claims processed in the
zones that would be situated around conflict areas rather than when
they arrive in Europe.
However, a pilot scheme did not get the unanimous backing
Source:- The Financial Times Friday 20 June page 1
Advice scheme ‘favours school dropouts’
The government’s £500 million a year careers and advice
service, Connexions, has led to middle class children being
abandoned in favour of dropouts, college lecturers have
The annual conference of the Association of Colleges heard
criticisms from college leaders that Connexions was leading to
resources being targeted on those who are not in education,
employment or training at the expense of other young people.
Source:- Financial Times Friday 20 June page 6
Killer sent to top security hospital
A schizophrenic man was sent to a maximum security psychiatric
hospital to be held indefinitely after admitting he raped and slit
a woman’s throat while she walked along a bridle path.
The Old Bailey heard how Doraj Miah, now 20, walked into a hospital
suffering from mental health problems hours after killing
46-year-old Hazel Prager.
However, he was not admitted as the member of staff who dealt with
him was “totally oblivious” to his previous actions.
He was arrested about 36 hours after committing the crime.
Source:- The Guardian Friday 20 June page 9
Fury as 73m more get right to British

Critics have accused the government of losing control of Britain’s
borders after ministers said there was little point in putting up
restrictions to migrants from the former Soviet bloc because they
would just come here illegally.
They went on to admit that this would potentially open up the
benefits system to millions of Europeans.
Source:- Daily Mail Friday 20 June page 15
Scottish newspapers
Steel gives backing to Kirk care homes

Sir David Steel will campaign to keep 30 care homes run by the
church of Scotland threatened with closure.
The former presiding officer of the Scottish parliament has
intervened over the closures, which would see 880 older people lose
places in homes in Kirk.
The church says it can no longer afford to run the homes and
councils do not have the funds to help.
Source:- The Scotsman Friday 20 June page 6
Welsh newspapers
Disabled children set for new centre

Detailed plans for a purpose built centre for disabled children in
south Wales have been sent to planners.
The centre earmarked for land at High Cross near Newport is being
designed to take into account the social services, health and
education needs of the thousands of young people who will use
It will serve disabled young people from Newport, Torfaen and south
Monmouthshire and the plans will be considered by Newport council
by the end of the summer.
Source:- South Wales Argus Thursday 19 June page 17
Forgotten’ toddler left behind in locked

A father told how he feared that his small daughter had been
abducted after she was left locked in a Welsh nursery when staff
left for the night.
The 20-month-old child was due to be picked up from the Tregantle
day nursery in Llandudno by her grandfather, but her family say
that he was told she was not there when he came to collect
The child’s father Rhys Lane then rushed to the nursery where
he heard his daughter screaming through an open window, she had
been in the building for around an hour.
A spokesperson for the Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales (CSIW)
said that inspectors had made visits to the nursery to investigate
the incident, but that the investigation was not yet
Source:- Western Mail Friday June 20 page 1
Childcare boosts parents’ prospects
A Welsh housing association says that helping parents with
childcare allows parents to further their careers.
The Welsh Federation of Housing Associations (WFHA) says that by
setting up a crèche and after school clubs for residents
across Wales, members are able to provide a vital resource that
helps to stimulate community regeneration.
Source:- Western Mail Friday 20 June page 9

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