Voluntary sector set to challenge government over criminal checks price hike

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations compact group
is considering challenging the government over the hike in Criminal
Records Bureau fees, writes Katie Leason and Derren

A spokesperson for the NCVO said the Compact Advocacy Programme
(CAP) would write to the home secretary David Blunkett to complain
about the increase in the cost of applying for a CRB police check,
which will increase next month from £12 to £24 for a
standard disclosure and £13 to £29 for an enhanced

The compact includes a number of guidelines on the notice period
government should give the voluntary sector when changing rules.
However, there was no consultation with the sector over the

“This seems a clear breach of the compact,” the
spokesperson said. Earlier this month, CAP won its first two cases
under the agreement against the department of transport and the
department for environment, food and rural affairs over individual
funding decisions.

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