‘Tackle drug crime before prostitution’

Voluntary agencies, police, and youth offending and drug action
teams need to pool knowledge to combat pimping and drug misuse.

according to a report on prostitution and commercial sex work in
London’s East End most female prostitutes in the area engage
in sex to fund their drug habits and meet basic needs, such as
accommodation, food, children’s clothes and fuel bills.

The study, by local charities Toynbee Hall and Providence Row,
says that tackling prostitution in the area can only be done by
also tackling drug crime, and calls on social care agencies to work
with the police. Crackdowns by the police succeed only in pushing
the women into neighbouring streets, it says.

It finds that women and girls enter the commercial sex system in
many ways, and that early intervention with help and advice is
required so they do not become regular commercial sex workers.

It suggests more integrated working and an emphasis on
prevention. Work should also be carried out with female rough
sleepers as they are most at risk.

– Report on the Working Party on Prostitution and Commercial
Sex Work in E1
from 020 7392 2939.

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