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Parenting Snakes and Ladders
Information Plus. Price £39.95, plus £2.35
p&p. For more information contact 01856 761334 or e-mail

Described as an interactive computer game by its makers this game
is used to learn about child development and parenting in a fun and
informative way, writes social worker Mikenda Plant. This would
work well in informal, group settings. I found it generated useful
discussion between fostered teenagers and their carers – not only
on their knowledge of child development, but on their views of how
they would like to be parented themselves and on their own
relationships. These teenagers gave thumbs up to the format and
sound effects, but not the laughter when they got a question

Working with Young People – Developing Professional
Practice in Interpersonal Communication and Counselling
Josie Melia and Marilyn McGowan. Price £56 plus
£5.60 p&p. Available from the Trust for the Study of
Adolescence on (01273) 693311. E-mail:

This is a trainer’s resource pack that aims to create positive and
effective work with young people, writes Adele Weir, child
protection training & development officer. By using a range of
resources, research and different models, it provides training on
the dilemmas facing young people and those working with them. There
are some excellent resources addressing issues such as
understanding adolescence, discrimination, fostering personal
growth, and assisting decision making. The section on supporting
young people in distress is particularly impressive. Its weakness
is an over-dependence on group exercises, some of which seem
irrelevant. The pack is versatile enough to be adapted and is a
useful resource for training on communicating and working with
young people effectively.

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