My life

Despite the onset of diabetes, Greg Turner, aged 16, is managing
to live a full life.

I have had diabetes for two years. Diabetes has had an effect on
my life, in some negative but a few positive ways. When I was first
diagnosed with diabetes I thought the world had ended, I was
thinking “four injections every day for the rest of my life, I
can’t cope with that!”

When I left the hospital I went home and knew that I had three
more injections to go until I go to sleep. I thought the injection
was going to hurt but surprisingly it didn’t and they mostly
don’t hurt even today although occasionally they do. I
thought that I wouldn’t be able to live a normal life but I
do. I’m just like other people except I have to be a little
bit more careful on the food I eat and activates I do. Sometimes I
get fed up with diabetes and the injections and blood sugars, so I
always contact my diabetic nurse to ask ways if I can take an
injection that won’t hurt and they are always helpful.

My favourite food is ice cream which is high in sugar so
I’ve had to give it up, but not altogether. When I go out for
a meal as a desert I have an ice cream which is a nice treat and
I’m not doing my diabetes any harm. I was worried that when I
went back to school everyone would mock me and start to bully me. I
didn’t get any of that and my mates were really supportive
and always make sure that I’m OK. The teachers are also very
supportive. If I need to leave a lesson to either check my blood
sugars or need a drink they let me and send down someone with me so
I get to my things safely.

I do like my sport and I play football, rugby, tennis, badminton
and squash which I still enjoy. All I do is take something sugary
so my blood sugars won’t drop and I end up in a hypo. My
ambition is to become an actor and I’m still able to do that,
as there are actors who are diabetic. If people did say things
behind my back about me being diabetic and that I can pass it on
then the best thing you can do is talk to them about it. I got told
the best thing to do at school is tell your subject teachers that
you are diabetic and what they can do to help you. Diabetes has
affected me but I still enjoy my life.

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