Wednesday 9 July 2003

By Amy Taylor, Clare Jerrom and Alex Dobson.
‘Abducted’ girl is found after night of hide an seek

A six-year-old girl who was feared to have been abducted was found
hiding in a neighbour’s house.
Concerns were raised when a 13-year-old boy and friend of the
family said he saw Summer Haipule being bundled into a car by two
men on Monday evening.
Haipule’s disappearance was eventually found four doors away from
her home in Moulsecoomb near Brighton.
Her disappearance triggered Britain’s first ever rapid-response
public appeal – a Child Rescue Alert.
Source:- The Times Wednesday 9 July page 5
Suicide stepfather murders daughter
A man was found hanged in a field yesterday after apparently
murdering his six-year-old daughter.
Police in Nottingham are investigating what could have caused Mark
Jones to kill his daughter in the basement of the house where they
lived with his wife.
Jones’ wife Amanda phoned 999 early yesterday morning after trying
to revive her daughter.
By the time she arrived in hospital the girl was dead.
Source:- The Times Wednesday 9 July page 5
Widow, 102, forced out of home dies
A 102-year-old woman who was forced  to move from her care
home by its owners because the council did not pay high enough
fees, has died.
Winifred Humphrey died in her sleep on Monday after being forced to
leave Bradley House rest home in Whistable, Kent, where she had
lived for nine years.
Her son Allan, criticised the owners, Lifestyle Care Homes, for
ignoring his warning that the move could kill his mother. He called
on the government to change the law to provide protection for older
people in situations such as his mother.
Source:- The Times Wednesday 9 July page 7
Target for refugee removals slashed
The Immigration Service has reduced the number of failed asylum
seekers it wants its private contractor to remove from this country
this year by more than three quarters.
LPI Services gained the only private contract to provide guards to
travel with 3,240 individuals and families being forcibly removed
on scheduled and charter flights in April 2000.
However, it has now been told that it will oversee only a maximum
of 750 deportations using only scheduled flights.
The company said it “had not been given any substantive reasons for
this change in policy”.
Source:- The Times Wednesday 9 July page 10
Police satisfied with first use of kidnap

Sussex police are the first in Europe to use the Child Rescue Alert
system that was developed in America.
The system works by interrupting television and radio programmes
when a child has been kidnapped, and sending emails and text
messages to computers and mobile phones of those nearby.
Sussex launched the scheme last November after the abduction of
Sarah Payne.
Source:- The Telegraph Wednesday 9 July page 6
Child rescue review after ‘missing’ girl found

Child Rescue Alert’s, triggered after the feared kidnap of
six-year-old Summer Haipule, experienced problem on its maiden
A text message system to alert mobile phones users failed, and the
first TV bulletin was not broadcast until three hours after the
girl was reported missing.
The system intends to save kidnapped children as soon as possible
by alerting the public about what has happened.
Source:- The Independent Wednesday 9 July page 2
Hodge pledges new voice for children
Margaret Hodge, the children’s minister, pledged to transform
government procedures by allowing children to have a say on all
aspects of public policy yesterday.
She is drawing up plans to use children’s focus on groups, opinion
polls and elected children’s parliaments to find out their
The new measures will be among a range of options put forward in a
green paper in September.
Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 9 July page 8
Guardian Society
Recovery position
Even to bailiffs, an Englishman’s home is still his castle
– provided there isn’t an unlocked door or window. But that may be
set to change under government plans.
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 July page 2
Vulnerable face new heartbreak
Hundreds of asylum seekers will continue to face homelessness and
destitution without access to state support even though a high
court ruling forced the government to change the policy denying
them help, refugee groups have warned.
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 July page 4
Charity comes clean over appeal
Samaritan’s Purse International, the evangelical relief agency that
runs the Operation Christmas Child initiative, is rewriting
fundraising material due to complaints that they failed to tell
supporters that aid would be accompanied by Christian
The SPI failed to tell many supporters of the Operation Christmas
Child campaign, which involves packing shoe boxes for poor children
in eastern Europe and Asia, that their donations would be sent with
Christian material.
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 July page 4
Poor pay high price for lack of money
The erosion of free treatment under the NHS is punishing
poor people, the National Consumer Council (NCC) will warn
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 July page 4
Never ending story
John Cunningham on the tangled  past and present of a
museum of integration
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 July page 5
Peace of mind
Oldham has seen some of the worst racial disturbances in the past
15 years. Adam James reports on an initiative set up to tackle
segregation and racism
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 July page 6
Face value
Street fundraisers have proved to be a success in getting the
public to donate – so why are some charities thinking twice about
the method?
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 July page 10
Lateral thinking
Skills learned in the commercial sector are invaluable in the world
of fundraising
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 July page 11
A look inside
Profile: Stephen Shaw, a former director of a penal reform
charity who is now the prisons ombudsman, is to take over the
Yarl’s Wood inquiry. He speaks about the moves to strengthen his
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 July page 12
Fair game
The civil service commissioners were created in the 19th century to
stop nepotism. But are they still needed in today’s
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 July page 12
The Weakest Link
England falls behind devolved areas on children’s
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 July page 12
Taboo talking
Mike George reports on a project for the partners of child abusers
that is helping them to cope with the unthinkable
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 July page 12
Scottish newspapers
Fury over ‘lobby-fodder’ Scots MPs

Scottish Labour MSPs last night saved Tony Blair’s plans for
reform of England’s hospitals provoking outrage among
An attempt to overpower the government was only defeated by 35
votes after Labour whips drew 41 of their Scottish members.
Labour rebels now plan to start a formal mechanism to permanently
prevent Scottish MPs voting on matters that only concern
Last night’s vote was on foundation hospitals.
Source:- The Scotsman  Wednesday 9 July page 1
PM admits devolution could hurt Labour
The prime minister has admitted that the bedding in of devolution
in Scotland could have serious repercussions for the Labour
Tony Blair said he understood concerns among Labour MPs at the
decision to reduce the number of Westminster seats in Scotland
while, at the same time, keeping the number of MSPs at 129.
Blair’s concerns come after months of wrangling in Scotland
over the boundary changes being pushed through as a result of the
1999 Scotland Act.
The Labour party believes the current proposals are a
“hotchpotch” which will confuse voters already
alienated from the voting process.
Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 9 July page 4
Scotsman make the best dads-to-be
Pregnant women in Scotland are more confident that their partners
will make good dads than women elsewhere in Britain.
Ninety six per cent of women north of the border think their
partners will take to fatherhood whereas in the rest of the UK the
figure is lower at 88 per cent.
Scots are also more likely to take an active role when their
partners fall pregnant, attending ante-natal classes and cooking,
according to the survey for Pregnancy and Birth magazine.
Source:- Daily Record Wednesday 9 July page 16
It is our duty to educate Ay children, says schools

The children of the Ay family of Kurdish asylum seekers, who have
been detained for a record time at Dungavel centre in Scotland,
should be educated in mainstream schools, according to a leading
educationalist yesterday.
Secretary of the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland,
Gordon Jeyes, said it was the “civic duty of the whole of
Scotland” to teach the four Ay family youngsters in local
authority schools.
Source:- The Herald Wednesday 9 July

Welsh newspapers

Gwent Hot Spot For Teen Mums

The Gwent valleys in south Wales have the highest rates of
teenage pregnancies in the principality.
Blaenau Gwent had the highest rate in the country in 1998-2000 –
72.8 per 1,000, or just under one in 10 teenagers aged under 18,
and Caerphilly had the second highest.

Welsh assembly health and social services minister Jane Hutt
said that initiatives to cut teenage pregnancy are helping young
people and that rates across Wales are beginning to fall.

Source:- South Wales Argus Tuesday 8 July page 1

Esti’s dad may be released today

The father of a four-year-old girl who is awaiting extradition
in Portugal, after allegedly abducting her, could be released
Simon Clayton will appear at a special hearing at a Portuguese
court today to learn whether he can return to Wales.
He said that the he is very depressed, and finds it difficult to
cope without contact with his daughter, Esti.

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 9 July page 7

Searching for the black and blue signs of child

Child protection experts at a ground breaking conference in
Cardiff yesterday, heard how different patterns of bruising and
broken bones can indicate play, accidents or physical abuse.
The aim of the conference organised by the NSPCC and University of
Wales College of Medicine is to help to protect children from harm
and also to protect parents from the devastating impact of false

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 9 July page 8

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