Deadlock in duty team pay battle

Birmingham social services department and its emergency duty team
are locked in a battle over pay, which has seen EDT staff refusing
to carry out sections since the beginning of May.

According to public sector union Unison, the dispute dates back to
1997 when the council agreed to pay two extra increments to its
approved social workers working day shifts, but only one increment
to its EDT staff, despite 10 of the 12 EDT staff members being

A vote in favour of industrial action in April led to an offer of a
one-off payment of approximately £500. But this was turned
down by the EDT, which is seeking backdated pay to 1997 worth

A spokesperson for Birmingham social services department said that
it “regrets the matter is continuing” but that it believed its
offer was fair. It is presently reviewing the future of its EDT,
which was singled out for praise by the joint review team in 2001.

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