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Equality in Diversity – A Training Video Resource

£165 plus VAT. Available from Playback. Tel: 0131 453 5514
or e-mail

This pack, developed as a result of work with children and young
people with complex physical disabilities, “encourages participants
to explore inclusion, equality, values, disability and
participation for all as a human rights issue”, writes staff
development officer Sheila Campbell. Divided into 13 sections, the
materials focus on children and young people and are aimed at
parents, carers, workers from health, social services and housing.
The pack’s exercises are transferable to a range of training
environments and its layout makes it easy to copy and use. The
suggested format at the start of each session, and the
trainer’s notes, are a bit vague. But the pack’s
versatility compensates for this. All in all a useful resource.

The Family Assessment – Assessment of Family Competence,
Strengths and Difficulties

Arnon Bentovim & Liza Bingley Miller. £165 inc p&p.
Copies available from Pavilion Publishing on 01273 623 222.

The quality of any assessment depends on the relationship we
build with the members of the family being assessed, writes Mark
Hamer, a crisis intervention therapist working with families. This
set of tools provides for a focused assessment that will make
participation and openness easier for families to achieve. I
particularly like the scaling questions and the use of observed
family tasks. The video illustrates an assessment style that will
enable families to use their own strengths to find their own
solutions and to increase family coherence. Implementation of this
toolkit will require a high degree of commitment, but will develop
a practitioner’s ability to work with whole families in a
real partnership.

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