Asylum media watch: ‘You couldn’t make it up!’

“Callous asylum seekers are barbecuing the Queen’s swans. East
European poachers lure the protected Royal birds into baited traps,
an official Metropolitan Police report says. The swans, plundered
from rivers and parks around London and Southern England, are then
cooked and eaten. Hundreds of the graceful creatures have been
killed… If people want to come here from other nations, then let
them respect our way of life. If they want to behave like savages,
let them get back where they came from.” The Sun, 4

“There is no official Met report. This is the work of one
individual who has been looking at it and sent out an advice
sheet,” said a police spokeswoman. She added that they could not
back-up published claims that asylum seekers had been caught in
east London barbecuing a duck with dead swans concealed nearby
‘ready to be roasted.’ Andy Fisher, head of the wildlife
investigation unit said ‘I don’t know where they have got that from
– not the Metropolitan Police’.” The Independent, 5

“There has been a 35-year taboo on discussing the topic of
immigration since the late Enoch Powell’s apocalyptic speech… Sir
Andrew Green, former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and now chairman
of independent think-tank Migration Watch, says much more radical
measures will be needed to restrict asylum to genuine applicants,
since abuse is so widespread. The government dismissed his
figures… But anyone who has spent time talking to Sir Andrew, or
reading his research, can see that precision is the name of his
game.” John Ware, writer and presenter of BBC’s Asylum
last week, writing in the Daily Mail, 23 July

“Make no mistake about it. We are now faced, for the first time in
our history, with the prospect of mass immigration… The
immigration lobby have had it all their own way for much too
long… Gradually the subject has become mentionable. But the real
turning point came at the beginning of this year. First there was
the discovery of a deadly poison, ricin, in a London flat and the
fact that several of those allegedly involved in its manufacture
were asylum seekers. This was followed by the tragic death of a
policemen in Manchester after a raid on a flat occupied by three
asylum seekers. It was this tragedy that seemed, finally, to
crystallise public opinion.” Sir Andrew Green, Migrationwatch UK
chairman, Daily Mail, March

“Ordinary decent people of this country finally had a voice to
shout that they are sick to the back teeth of having this tiny
island’s resources drained by the 200,000 immigrants and the
110,000 asylum-seekers who flood into Britain every year.”
Carole Malone in the Sunday Mirror July 27

“David Blunkett did what Labour always does when caught red-handed
and attempted to smear the messenger.
He attacked Panorama for playing into the hands of a ‘Powellite
anti-immigration agenda.’ His response is typical. Anyone who has
the temerity to challenge Labour’s failure to protect our borders
is routinely smeared as ‘far-right’, ‘BNP’, ‘racist’, ‘Little
Englander’… “
Richard Littlejohn, The Sun, 25 July

“The row over ‘NHS tourism’ deepened after MPs called on health
chiefs to offer all HIV-positive asylum seekers free
treatmentÉ Critics fear widening access to HIV treatment for
refugees will place an unbearable strain on the NHS.”
Evening Standard, 10 July

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