Report points to lack of advocacy services

People with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) are falling through
the gaps between mental health and learning difficulty advocacy

A new report from the National Autistic Society finds that
two-thirds of advocacy organisations surveyed claim to support
people with ASD. But only 11 per cent of people with ASD believe
they are gaining access to the advocacy services they need.

The National Autistic Society attributes this discrepancy to the
failure of advocacy providers to prioritise people with ASD because
of a lack of government funding and appropriate training.

The charity is launching a three-year initiative to help
independent advocacy organisations become more responsive to the
needs of people with autism.

It has also called on social care minister Stephen Ladyman to
devise a national strategy for adults with ASD. This would include
the targeting of funding to independent advocacy services for
people with ASD. 

Autism: The Demand for Advocacy from

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