Tuesday 19 August 2003

By Amy Taylor, Clare Jerrom and Alex Dobson.
I brought a new identity for £1,300

In 48 hours and with shocking ease, Mail reporter Sue Reid acquires
all the forged documents needed for a new (illegal) life in
Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 19 August page 1
Firms plan gay audits to avoid discrimination

Some of Britain’s largest firms are planning to question staff
about their sexuality in order to avoid compensation claims for
discrimination against homosexuals under laws that come into force
this year.
The move comes after new guidance from the conciliation service
Acas, and the government warned businesses that ignorance will be
no defence to claims based on the new laws for discrimination due
to sexuality.
Source:- The Independent Tuesday 19 August page 1
Lone parents given free manicures for job

Unemployed single parents are getting free clothes and manicures
under a government scheme to help them get back into work.
The payments under the ‘Cloud 9’ scheme include £75 for new
outfits and £20 towards beauty treatments.
The initiative, which is running in six areas of the country, is
designed to increase lone parents’ confidence and smarten their
image for interviews.
Source:- The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 19 August page 7
Police hunt hit and run driver of electric

Police are looking for the elderly driver of an electric wheelchair
after he was involved in a hit and run accident involving a mother
and her two-year-old daughter.
Megan Whitty was knocked over and pinned to the ground by the
wheelchair while she was out shopping with her mother at
Wythenshawe civic centre in Manchester.
Passersbys attempted to grab the elderly driver after the incident,
but he managed to drive off, swearing at those who tried to stop
him. The wheelchair was later found burnt out near a pub.
Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 19 August page 10
Scottish newspapers
Cave campers come forward after appeal in hunt for Jodi’s

Two men came forward yesterday following an appeal by detectives
investigating the murder of Jodi Jones.
Police announced that they were looking for a vagrant who slept in
the cave in the grounds of an old abbey in Easterhouse, Midlothian,
as whoever was staying there may have some information regarding
her murder.
The two men told police yesterday that they had been camping in a
cave near to the murder scene for some time.
Detectives have spoken to more than 3,000 people in the search for
Jodi’s killer.
Source:- The Herald Tuesday 19 August
Welsh newspapers
Fugitive pervert at large

A paedophile, on the run from police, is thought to be travelling
between Britain and Ireland.
Roger Gardner skipped bail and is considered a threat to children.
The police believe that he moves back and forth between the two
countries and they are appealing to the public to help them catch
him. Problems with extradition procedures have made it difficult
for British police to track him down in the Republic of
Source:- South Wales Argus Monday August 18 page 4
Storm over Welsh rugby wife-beating
A new report says that domestic violence against women doubles on
international rugby days, quadruples if Wales are beaten and
multiplies by eight if Wales lose to England.
The assertion is made in a report commissioned by the Rhondda Cynon
Taf substance misuse team from NACRO (National Association for the
Care and Resettlement of Offenders).
Drinking alcohol was found to increase the incidence of antisocial
behaviour generally, but the Welsh Rugby Union has questioned the
report’s findings that violence against women increases
around matches.
Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 19 August page 1
Vicar accused of possessing child

A Welsh vicar has been charged with child pornography
The Church in Wales has confirmed that the Reverend Darryl Gibbs,
of Heol-y-Plwyf near Pontypridd, who works for the parish of St
David’s, has been charged on five counts by Dyfed-Powys
police. He has now been suspended from all clerical duties.
Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 19 August page 1

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