Social enterprises may spearhead care

Mainstream care services in Wales could be delivered by a range of
social enterprise initiatives.

The radical proposal, in a Welsh assembly consultation document,
says businesses that operate with a combination of enterprise,
social purpose and customer focus could be well placed to offer new
ways of delivering public services.

“Changes in relation to the delivery of traditional welfare
services are now increasing the potential for social enterprises to
become involved in the provision of services that would previously
have been considered the sole domain of local authorities,” the
document says.

Social enterprise covers credit unions, co-operatives, charities
and voluntary groups, as well as provident and industrial societies
and limited companies.

The document says such organisations can balance the needs of
public service staff and users without being driven by shareholder

“There is potential for services that are struggling under local
authority control such as residential care for older people to be
transferred to a social enterprise structure,” said Simon Harris,
deputy chief executive of the Wales Cooperative Centre.

– Social Enterprise Action Plan from

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