A major part of the government’s strategy in England to draw in the voluntary sector close to welfare provision, this investment fund is worth £125 million over the three years of the Spending Review 2000. It came as a result of the Treasury’s cross cutting review. It intends to help voluntary and community organisations to work more effectively in the delivery of public services. The agency has distributed £110 million to 238 bodies, although of that £10 million went to Turning Point.

Its three objectives are to overcome obstacles to efficient voluntary and community sector delivery; to modernise service delivery organisations for the long term; and to increase both the scale and scope of voluntary and community sector service delivery.

Organisations that benefit from the fund are those in health and social care, crime and social cohesion, education and learning, and support for children and young people.

Chief executive: Jonathan Lewis
Chair: Stephen Bubb
Address: 5th Floor, 6 St Andrews Street, London EC4A 3AE
Telephone: 0207 842 7700
Website: www.futurebuilders-england.org.uk
Other UK equivalents: There is a FutureBuilders for Scotland.

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