National Probation Service

This was one of the most radical changes when, in April 2001, the government created the service as an executive arm of the Home Office. This abolished local probation committees.

The NPS consists of the National Directorate, based at the Home Office, and 42 probation services (co-terminous with police force areas). Chief probation officers continue to be responsible for day-to-day work in each area and probation boards supervision local services within the national framework.

The new system also changes the role of the probation officer so that he or she is no longer a befriender and there is closer working between prison and probation at all stages of the criminal justice system. The government regards probation as now key to its strategy of reducing levels of recidivism among drug users.

Address:  lst Floor, Abell House, John Islip Street, London SW1P 4LH
Telephone: 0207 217 0659
Other UK equivalents: The NPS covers Wales




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