Wednesday 27 August 2003

By Amy Taylor, Clare Jerrom and Alex Dobson.
I’m black, but they gave me a white limb too

A black man who had his leg amputated after a car crash received a
white artificial limb as a replacement.
Byron Fraser’s case emerged after Ingrid Nicholls, a black woman,
was offered a white prosthetic foot when her own was amputated
earlier this month.
Fraser also received a spare false leg that is black, but has a
white foot.
Nicholls complained after learning that only white feet were
available on the NHS, and that she would have to pay £3,000
for a foot of her colour.
Fraser, who lost his leg four years ago, said that although he
sympathised with Nicholls he is “reasonably content” with his own
white limb.
Source:- Daily Mail Wednesday August  27 page 11
Asylum drive still on track
Tony Blair will announce government plans to crackdown on asylum
once again now the war has subsided.
He is expected to discuss measures to track asylum seekers to
enable those with unfounded claims to be deported more
The Home Office is due to publish figures this week showing it is
on track to meet the prime minister’s pledge to halve the monthly
total of asylum applications by September.
Source:- The Financial Times Wednesday August  27 page 4
ID cards to be tested in ‘a small market

Home secretary David Blunkett is running a six-month pilot scheme
testing the introduction of a national identity card despite
failing to get strong cabinet backing.
It is believed that the scheme will be staged in a small market
town with a population of about 10,000, but the location has not
been named.
The scheme will test the use of new generation fingerprint and
eye-scanning technology and is due to be completed by April.
The Home Office claimed that the trial is for a new “credit
card”-style passport but it is thought ministers have been told
that they cannot openly test the national identity card without new
Source:- The Guardian Wednesday August  27 page 1
Manchester police labelled sexist and racist
Government inspectors have found a racist and sexually insensitive
culture among police in south Manchester.
The report by HM’s inspectorate of constabulary states that there
was a male dominated-environment in which officers told sexist
jokes and swapped innuendoes in the force. It adds that disrespect
towards other races and cultures was also shown.
The inspection was carried out in May.
Source:- The Guardian Wednesday August  27 page 7
Guardian Society
Passage from India
Many of the generation of Asian doctors, who have been propping up
the NHS, faced racism and slow promotion.
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday August  27 page 2
Sure shots
An exhibition of photos by young homeless people deserves a close
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday August  27 page 5
Treasure island
Summer is a busy time for museums – but are disabled people cut off
from their riches?
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday August  27 page 8
Sign of the times
Carnival rave launches clubbing scene for deaf people
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday August  27 page 47
Home straight
Children who spend time in remand foster care are much less likely
to reoffend
Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday August  27 page 48
Scottish newspapers
Jodi laid to rest with her dad

Murdered schoolgirl Jodi Jones will be buried with her father after
crown office officials have given her family the go-ahead to plan a
funeral for next week.
Hundreds of Jodi’s school friends are expected to attend the
ceremony next Wednesday at Gorebridge Parish Church, but it is not
clear whether Jodi’s boyfriend Luke Mitchell, who has been
questioned three times by detectives, will attend.
The service will take place 65 days after the 14-year-old was found
stabbed to death near her home in Easterhouses, Midlothian.
Source:- Daily Record Wednesday 27 August page 1 and 5
Charity best at home
Scottish people are the most generous at donating to charity in
Britain, according to a survey yesterday.
Only 2 per cent claim they never donate, compared with eight per
cent in London.
However, 11 per cent of Brits admit they only give to charity to
avoid looking mean in front of other people, according to the
British Heart Foundation poll.
Source:- Daily Record Wednesday 27 August page 17
Teenager killed for straying into gang

Two teenagers were jailed for eight years each yesterday for the
culpable homicide of a youth who strayed into their gang
“territory” in Glasgow.
Robert McVey died after rival gang members attacked him with a
knife, machete, rake, padlock and chain, and kicked and punched
him, the high court in Glasgow was told.
McVey suffered 62 separate injuries after being attacked by 20 or
more youths. The fatal one was described as “freak”
– a blow to the head from a blunt instrument, which ruptured
a main blood vessel to the brain at the back of his neck.
Stephen Summers went on trial for murdering McVey, but was found
guilty of culpable homicide and Brian Stevenson, who was also on
trial for murder, admitted culpable homicide with the kicks and
Another three youths admitted breach of the peace.
Source:- The Herald  Wednesday 27 August
Young offenders face new form of justice
Restorative justice is to be introduced in Scotland today, and will
result in thousands of young offenders being asked to face up to
how their behaviour affects the community.
Glasgow is the first city in Scotland where the principle will be
placed at the heart of the criminal justice strategy with just
under £1 million in funding over two years from the Scottish
Most of the offenders aged between 12 and 15 years old, apart from
the most serious offenders, will be targeted by the system, which
features measures to get offenders to face their victims.
Source:- The Herald Wednesday 27 August
Statistics mask true extent of autism, say

Campaigners have claimed that new government statistics mask the
extent of autism among Scottish children, and the figures also make
any realistic estimate of any rises in the condition
The Scottish executive’s annual schools census records a 45
per cent upsurge in the number of autistic children in primary,
secondary and special needs schools across Scotland.
But a change in the methods from last year of recording cases of
“autism spectrum disorder” – which now covers
less severe cases – makes a realistic estimate of the increase
impossible, claim campaigners.
Source:- The Herald  Wednesday 27 August
Welsh newspapers
Eating disorders reach alarming levels in Wales

Eating disorders among Welsh students are reaching alarming levels,
according to a new study from Cardiff University.
Researchers found that out of 600 hundred students who used support
services at the university 12 per cent have an eating disorder and
35 per cent are depressed.
John Cowley, senior student counsellor at the university, said that
most of those with eating disorders were female, but that there was
anecdotal evidence that men were beginning to suffer from the
problem as well.
Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 27 August page 1
Racial equality director suspended after

The director of the Valleys Racial Equality Council (Valrec) has
been suspended after a complaint was made against her by a work
Sylvia Howe has been suspended on full pay while an investigation
into the complaint is carried out. Valrec is funded by the
Commission for Racial Equality, and campaigns against
discrimination in Rhondda Cynon Taf and surrounding areas.
Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 27 August page 9
Boy, 10, Threatens To Rape Gran
Police are investigating a case where a 10-year old boy allegedly
threatened to rape a 53-year-old grandmother.
The boy, who was part of a gang that were harassing the woman on a
council housing estate in Rhondda Cynon Taf, also exposed himself
before threatening rape.
The woman who is not being named for legal reasons said she decided
to make an official complaint because she was concerned that the
gang might actually carry out the threat against a vulnerable
Source:- South Wales Echo Tuesday 26 August pages 1 and 5

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