Children’s unhealthy lunchboxes

Most packed school lunches are less healthy than school meals,
according to the Food Standards Agency.

A survey of 556 home packed lunches for children from 24 primary
schools across the UK found that children were eating as much as
twice the recommended amount of sugar and nearly half their daily
recommended salt limit, and high levels of saturated fat. 

Nine out of 10 contained food too high in sugar, fat and sugar.
Less than half contained a portion of fruit, and only one in five
met the current national standards for school meals.

The FSA is issuing practical tips to parents on how to reduce
saturated fat, salt and sugar in children’s lunchboxes.

Robert Rees, a chef and board member for the FSA, said:
“Parents face a daily challenge trying to get their children
to eat healthy foods and usually it’s the children who call
the shots when it comes to deciding what should go in their
lunchboxes. Small changes to what children eat now can have a bit
impact on their diet and their health.”

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