Blunkett toughens stance on criminals

The Home Office this week extended the list of offences that would
result in refugees or asylum seekers being removed from the UK.

Offenders found guilty of serious offences for which they receive a
sentence of up to two years will be deported at the end of their
sentence and the government will no longer consider the asylum
claims of those convicted of such offences. All offences worthy of
sentences of more than two years already carry the penalty of

Home secretary David Blunkett acknowledged only a small proportion
of asylum seekers or refugees was involved in serious crimes but
said it was “unacceptable that those seeking the protection of the
UK should abuse our hospitality by committing serious

Those convicted for crimes such as manslaughter, sexual, drugs or
terrorism-related offences, and trafficking in prostitution and
dangerous driving will be stripped of their right to stay in the

Meanwhile, the Home Office has denied reports that it is planning
to electronically tag asylum seekers. The Sunday Mirror’s
report claims that the government is developing the idea to prevent
asylum seekers disappearing once in the UK.

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