Scottish executive to review services

A review of treatment and rehabilitation programmes has been
started by the Scottish executive in a bid to tackle the country’s
growing drugs problems.

The review aims to improve the access to, and availability of,
community-based and residential treatment for addicts who want to
stop taking drugs. It also plans to build on current work to reduce
waiting times for drug services.

Scottish executive deputy justice minister Hugh Henry said
professionals working in the drugs field will play an active role
in the review. He said: “We need to ensure that medical
professionals and drugs workers have access to a range of
patient-centred services which can be tailored to meet individual
need and circumstances.”

Service users’ views, he added, would also be taken into

Drugscope acting chief executive Frank Warburton welcomed the focus
on a co-ordinated approach to treatment and rehabilitation. He
said: “Seeking views of drug workers is vital to ensuring that
programmes reach those who are most in need.”

The results of the review and subsequent decisions regarding extra
funding for rehabilitation and treatment services are to be
announced by the end of the year.

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