Soundbites on the green paper.

“Teachers are already overburdened. The government must make
sure that adequate staff and investment to deliver the changes and
ensure benefits of the paper are achieved.”
The National Union of Teachers

“Our main concern is that the health dimension to this new way of
working must be in equal partnership with those working in social
care and education.”
Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors

“All welcome intentions will come to nothing if we do not have
enough well trained social workers in the field and if we do not
establish clear lines of accountability so that every local
authority knows where the buck stops.”
Conservative Party 

“It is very prescriptive that everywhere will have a children’s
director…We have no problem with someone being accountable and
responsible for services at a local level but we want flexibility
about the arrangements that should be put in place.”
Association of Directors of Social Services

“Many young people in greatest need may be excluded from school and
may therefore miss out. It is vital that measures are in place to
reach these young people through other means, including health,
community, youth and leisure settings.”
National Children’s Bureau

“The problem with the database is making sure that information is
accurate and up-to-date and doesn’t cause as many problems as
British Association of Social Workers

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