Spreading the ‘Burden’?

Book Cover: Spreading the BurdenBy Roger Anderson and Sako Musterd.
The Policy Press
ISBN 1861344171

Spreading the Burden
comes close to providing a panacea for the multi-faceted problems of asylum. The authors of this insightful book delve into asylum in a way that will appeal to many readers.

The book compares the dispersal systems of Britain, Holland and Sweden. It dispels the myths surrounding asylum seekers and, finally, adopts a pragmatic approach to dispersal.

Policy-makers would find the book essential reading as they grapple with the complex issue of asylum dispersal.

The media, not that many in the tabloid press are particularly interested in presenting the facts, would find the work useful and perhaps learn to temper the urge to scapegoat asylum seekers. And the public, until now misled by a racist press, would be inspired by the book and, it must be hoped, cease to view asylum seekers as “scroungers”.

Those who deny asylum seekers their basic right to settle where they wish for reasons of “purity of space” would have to reckon with the authors’ belief that “dispersal is nothing more than the necessary response to appease a fearful white electorate and satisfy the local charge payer”.

This is an excellent book.

Gordon Doh Fondo is a television presenter, translator and writer.

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