Gay people wary of residential homes

Older gay men, lesbians and bisexuals have such a “notable
distrust” of care providers’ opinions about sexuality that most see
living in care and residential homes as an “undesirable

A study by the Economic and Social Research Council showed 77.5 per
cent of women and 62.8 per cent of men felt care providers did not
approve of and respect their lifestyle.

Of the 266 people aged 50-80 interviewed, only 8.8 per cent of
women and 8.5 per cent of men were found to have made any plans for
care in their old age.

Despite the findings, only 30.4 per cent of women and 23.8 per cent
of men thought that care should be provided by non-heterosexual

– The Social and Policy Implications of Non-Heterosexual
from 01793 413122.

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